Welcome to Brassed Crafts

01. About our studio

Brassed Crafts is a home of handmade brass jewelry for the corporate woman’s office and weekend outfits.

We are in the business of sharing God in all the jewelry we sell, transforming chains of pain, frustration and other disappointments that the world serves into beautiful jewelry.

We offer complementary jewelry styling services that enable our clients to not just pick jewelry randomly, but to pick what works perfectly for their personalities, careers and other aspects.

by Wangechi Wachira – CEO

We are powered by grace

02. Vision & Mission

Our vision is "To portray God's excellence.

Our mission is:

To produce and provide diverse jewelry that brings out the best in our clients.

To tap into the heart of God as we design pieces that He can use as vessels of healing to such a broken society.

To be dependable, loyal, creative and passionate in all we do.

We include notes in our packaging, with a piece of encouragement to clients, as the Holy Spirit leads. We believe in the impact of the very little things, such as writing simple affirmations in our packaging.

Wangechi Wachira

CEO and Creative Director