A frequently asked question we get is about how one can care for their jewellery. We recently did a poll on Instagram with a series of questions around this topic to help jump start this conversation. It is important to always handle your jewellery with care from wearing to storing them. When you take proper care of your jewellery, they will last longer.

Here are tips and tricks that we have found helpful:


Your jewellery should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off

Put on your jewellery after you have dressed and applied your body/hair products to avoid product build-up on your pieces. When plated jewellery comes into contact with certain contents/chemicals, they may cause them to tarnish quicker. 

Carefully take off your jewellery as the first thing when undressing to avoid them clinging to your clothing, mask or hair. Trick: Additionally, if you often struggle to open the closing hook of a necklace, do not pull on it. Instead, turn the back towards the front, stand in front of a mirror to have a view of the closing hook and gently remove it. 

For extra care, you can opt to remove delicate, dangling and huge pieces while sleeping for comfort and to prevent them from any kind of damage.

Do not expose your metal types of jewellery to house cleaning products, farm chemicals, chlorine and such a like products. Therefore, it is best to keep them away when gardening, handling house chores, swimming, etc. 

Take off your jewellery while playing sports or working out. This is to keep them away from sweat and damages such as scratches and dents. 


After each wear at the end of the day, wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth to prevent product/dirt/grease build up on them. This also helps to maintain their shine. 

Using a soft cloth with warm water and hand wash soap can also be helpful in cleaning your jewellery from time to time to remove dirt. Rinse and gently dry them completely to avoid water damage. 

To remove tarnish or restore the shine on dull brass pieces, polish them with a metal polisher such as Brasso. Others may choose to let their pieces age gracefully which is also a beautiful style on its own.

If you do not have a metal polisher, there are DIY methods using ketchup or vinegar that you can follow to clean your jewellery. For more on this, visit our previous post:

Alternatively, contact us to have your jewellery polished by us. We currently offer this service. 

Note: Always use a soft cloth/toothbrush and gentle cleaning products when cleaning your jewellery. Avoid abrasive tools and products.


Do not expose your pieces to direct sunlight as this may cause heat damage. As well, do not leave them to sit on wet surfaces for long periods such as leaving them on the sides of the sink. 

Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place. It is best to not store them in the bathroom as moisture from steam may cause them to tarnish quicker, discolour or rust. 

You can choose to add a silica gel sachet to your jewellery storage bag/box. Silica gel sachets are often used as drying agents to keep moisture from damaging products.

Invest in good jewellery organizers that are suitable for the kind of pieces you have — bag, box, hanger display. Also, consider having separate organizers for your different kinds of jewellery e.g. separate your necklaces from your earrings. Have you had those moments when you planned to wear a certain necklace but it is all tangled up with other jewellery? Weeh… The struggle of untangling and you have an early morning meeting. Say no more to that and group them in a way you could always grab your necklace without a hustle.

Take good care of your jewellery with our tips and let us know if they were helpful.

For any questions or concerns on this topic or challenges you may have come across with jewellery, comment down below or send us a Direct Message on our socials. 

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