Jewelry is an indispensable part of accessorizing for any woman. It is a way to express personality and style. However, depending on the work environment, there may be some rules or social cues to follow. This could be based on what you see others wearing in the office space, this may include your peers as well as your superiors. In situations where the rules regarding jewelry are not so clear it is best to follow what the trend is around the office. Regardless of this, it is okay to stand out with your pieces and here are some tips on how you can do that.

#1; Blend it in; jewelry as a rule of thumb should enhance your outfit and not draw away from it. Therefore it is best to pick something that compliments you and brings your appearance together. Brass, gold and silver pieces are best when trying to blend in your jewelry and your outfit.

#2; Less is ultimately more; smaller pieces of jewelry are more likely to fit in with official attire and make it more outstanding as compared to having larger pieces that are distracting and may do the exact opposite . Studs, for example, are considered an amazing office wear as they fit in with official attire and make you look classy. Another great piece would be drops; they combine the top part that rests on your earlobe and the bottom part that dangles effortlessly. Coinidentally, both are in stock!

#3; Invest in timeless pieces; you can never go wrong with classic pieces such as simple brass chains, watches, simple rings, studs or simple hoops. These are more likely to fit in as compared to statement pieces. These are also pieces that you can wear everyday regardless of where you are going or what you will be doing such pieces are rings. An example would be the simple pendant necklaces, the irresistible custom name neckpieces or our wide array of rings.

#4; Subtlety is king queen; don’t overdo it with too many jewelry items on yourself, wear one item at a time. If you are doing this then feel free to pick a statement piece that blends in with your outfit. Keep it simple and regular. If you are doing several pieces at a time then keep them as subtle as you can. You want to look visible but you want to look subtle as well. Our Chrystal neckpiece is an example of a statement piece that would look great in an office setting!

#5; Avoid the noise; jewelry that makes too much noise and sounds whenever you move are likely to make you look unprofessional regardless of what you do. Instead of Pick items that are not going to make too much noise. Pieces like our Enzi stud will do the trick while being silent.

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