Materials such as metals and their alloys, natural stones, bone, wood and beads are versatile in that they can be shaped or combined to achieve different functions or styles for jewelry. As we humans grow up, we tend to find our own style by distinguishing our likes from our dislikes. This is based on the questions: “What is my taste, fashion or preference?” “What am I looking for?” Different people look for different things in their style, there are those who look for what is popular or what is different and unique while others look for what defines or represents them. No matter what an individual picks whether you approve or disapprove, it is still a style. By definition style is a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

When it comes to jewelry, different people have their own style. For some, you may have never thought of yourself as having a particular jewelry style though if you take a look at your jewelry, you may find yourself inclined to certain features. This could be as simple as having a love for pure brass jewelry or loving brass jewelry integrated with colourful beads/stones. 

Below, we shall take a look at a few styles; feel free to comment below letting us know your style or what feature you mostly look for in jewelry. These are among the popular styles but not limited to these.


“The quality of being stylish and fashionable”

This is a style that can be combined with other styles to give it that edge or pop. On the other hand, the classic or casual chic fashion is very adaptable to the work place. For a classic office look, adding accessories such as jewelry gives it a stylish look. Even as you look for the right accessories, it is important to find the balance between what you are wearing and your accessories. 

From our previous blog post we shared a tip on how to have a subtle look for the workplace. When it comes to this style, subtlety is definitely important. Such kind of people may tend to look for jewelry qualities such as defining, visible, sleek, geometric, clean lines, polished and less combination of materials. As previously stated, when it comes to subtlety, don’t overdo it with too many jewelry items on yourself; wear one at a time. If you are doing this then feel free to pick a statement piece that blends in with your outfit. A go for is definitely pure brass pieces or brass statement pieces.

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“The relaxed, free, natural, open person focused mostly on flowery and earthy themes made with various materials”

‘Boho’ also called ‘Boho-chic’ is the short form for Bohemian. The style is correlated with the bohemians, a counterculture that appeared in France after the French Revolution. The style was associated in the ancient with the gypsies/hippies. Its aesthetic originated in the late 60s/70s. In the current world, the style can be still identified in terms of their like motifs. Unlike the classic chic style where sleekness and less combination of materials are present in a piece, the Boho style has other materials integrated to the main material and use of colour is present. This is among the styles that have no particular guidelines to how to combine materials. One key thing that you will observe with people who love the Boho style is that they love the idea of loose, freeing, cultural, flexible, light, multi-layered, earthy coloured and integration of natural materials to their clothing or accessories. 

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“Interest in keeping things very simple and use of the smallest range of materials and colours possible”

For such people, they focus on what is important; they are intentional when it comes to what they even purchase. Their motto could be: “less is more”. People, who have chosen to go for this style, tend to be specific in what they want and the less they purchase the better. They would rather get something that is multi-purpose than having to buy many individual pieces. When it comes to jewelry, a key thing that they could consider is quality of material. Brass is among the durable materials, malleable in that it can be easily shaped and can be easily cleaned and polished. Another go for, in the case of colours, is use of two or less toned downed colours. This would help in terms of having jewelry that could go with different coloured outfits/designs. Finally, they could also consider the type of jewelry that they prefer more for their taste and for their day to day wear. 

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Love and light!

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