Year in, year out we have seen trends that have come and gone while others have had a comeback. These trends are most times determined by the tastes of a particular group of people who are often times popular. It is through them that they get the word out and influence other people groups. If the other people groups are receptive then it is a win for the season. Whereas, there are some jewelry designs that have stood the test of time and hardly ever go out of style. Such designs may only experience minor changes to keep up with the trends.

We observed what began to be in style this year and incorporated in some of our jewelry pieces. Will these designs be popular styles still in 2021? We will just have to wait and see. Here are some designs that we loved this year:


This hardly ever goes out of style. Each year, minor changes have been incorporated into statement pieces to keep up with the other trends. It could include combination of different trends but in a more unique, bold and stylish way. Many portray who they are through such pieces.

In 2020, men are wearing bolder jewelry pieces with their everyday outfit or weekend outfit to make a statement and express their own style. Gone are the days men wear wedding rings only.


To some people, jewelry means so much more than a decorative item. It represents something symbolic in their lives. These types of jewelry are designed for a specific person/group by including custom elements such as engraved details or incorporation of a specific material. This trend seems it will stick around for a while, what do you think? No matter what, we are here to help you celebrate your milestones through jewelry.


Chains are versatile in that, you can wear multiple chains of varying lengths for a layered look or just one chain to spice your outfit. With this trend, how you style your chain jewelry matters; it can be a miss or a plus. Here are top two things to consider as you shop for brass chain necklaces:

+ The type of chain. There are chains that can handle heavy pendant while others cannot. On the other hand, there are types of chain that work best alone.

+ The length and thickness of the chain depending on the look you would like to achieve.


There are different hoop designs for different people style. This is ranging from small hoops to large hoops, from with pendant to without. It is your choice!

“Hoops have shown resiliency in the fashion world. Popular in the 1960s and again in the 1900s, they are a statement piece of today.”


Incorporating pearls into brass jewelry, this adds a modern twist to the traditional feel. Pearls have become popular because they are easy to style and are versatile. Depending on the design, some brass jewelry with pearls can be worn with your everyday outfit.

What jewelry deign(s) did you love this year? Comment below and let us know. Also, check out our other brass pieces on our socials and be on the look out for new pieces. Don’t miss out! To keep up with such updates follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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