In honour of customer service week, we dedicate this post to our customers. If it weren’t for you and your feedback, we wouldn’t be able to serve in the first place. We, Brassed Crafts, seek to continue to better assist and provide for your brass jewelry needs as the years progress. 

In this post, we would like to specifically appreciate the different customers who have supported this business in one way or another. 

Thank you to our content consumers who consume our content on the daily. Thank you for taking your time to read, view, follow, like or share any content we share on our website and social pages.

Thank you to our customers who share their feedback on our products. Your comments, DMs or calls help us know how to serve you better. We appreciate the information you provide about your experience shopping with us or how our products look like on our social pages.

Thank you to our customers who suggest their ideas to us. It is through you that we have been able to research deeper on jewelry and include more different designs to our shop. Your blog post ideas and design ideas continue to develop this business’ growth. Thank you for trusting us to provide your brass jewelry needs. 

Thank you to our consumers. Your purchases help continue to run the operations of Brassed Crafts. Thank you for shopping with us, trusting us to provide for your needs, even your wedding jewelry needs. Thank you for the feedback you share regarding our purchasing process. It is through this that we seek better ways to deliver our products to you. 

Thank you to those who do all the above. We appreciate the massive support. Thank you for the likes, feedback, inquiries, suggestions, purchases and reviews. Sharing with us your level of satisfaction has better helped us know how to market our products and connect better with new customers. 

Thank you for supporting us in one way or another for the time we have been in operation. Your level of satisfaction has enabled us to understand where there is room for improvement, how to better provide our products and how to better relate with customers. 

Feel free to share your feedback or experience with us. We value it! Connect with us on social media:

Instagram: @brassedcrafts_ke

Facebook: Brassed Crafts

Love, Brassed Crafts

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